Understanding the planet’s purest Ashwagandha and why it’s a proven marvel.

Ashwagandha, has been used since the inception of Ayurveda.  World over, it is lauded as the “Indian ginseng” a potent herb from the regenerative classification of Rayasana.  

Origins and the Village  - Nagori

Ashwagandha originated first in a small village in Rajasthan called Nagori. This little village lies right between Gwalior and Bhopal. Nagori is known to produce the most potent, thick Ashwagandha roots in the world. Its signature characteristic is that its is high in nutrition and low in fibre as compared to other industrial varieties.

The Roots of the variety, are wild harvested, and often are not of uniform size as seen in commercially produced Ashwagandha.

Nagori is atleast 200 kms away from any industry or factory hence rendering its soil to be completely free of any chemical excess or pesticides.

The roots are so potent and revered that 90 % of it is exported to the west and only 10% remains in India.

As Ashwagandha’s benefits get more popular, its commercial cultivation has lead to a decline in the quality and potetncy.

Why are western countries obsessed with Ashwagandha, even more that India?

The fate of Indian herbs, especially Ashwagandha is much like teas. The best produce is exported. The High quality produce is exported as the growers get a premium price for it. 

Banking on the name Ashwagandha, many companies and farm units have started production but often the quality is compromised which affects the potency of the final product.



Producing Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a late kharif season crop, its natural habitat is the belt between Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and western Uttar Pradesh. Sowing the seeds early or harvesting may lead to poor potency and we avoid this by following traditional timelines of cultivation, which is usually after 150-180 days and ends up being ideally between January to March. 

 Its production requires immense skill and ideally sandy loam or light red soils with 7.5 - 8 PH value. Missing on this intricacy directly affects quality and hence all Ashwagandha is not the same.

Why it works – the Science behind ancestoral wisdom

The limbic system forms the structures in the brain that controls arousal (fear / excitement) dopamine, emotion, memories (sensory information) and control bodily functions.  The innate beauty of Ashwagandha, an adaptogen is that it restores balance towards equilibrium versus encouraging any artificial overdrive, its slowly balancing, a rejuvenative.

In ancient times we would escape the stressors and relocate, but in modern life, now we cannot even if we try.  Free radicals emerge from recreational drugs, poor food sources that: contain synthetic glucose, fatty foods, pesticides and solvents (often found in farmed foods), cigarettes, radiation. Through your limbic system Ashwagandha empowers the body to handle and stabilize the exposed and elongated exposure to stressors by  imparting resistance to infection and stress through polyphenols, antioxidants, natural alkaloids, thus fortifying the immune system.

The Real Power lies in the Withanolides 

Withanolides, are naturally occurring steroids. Our limbic system like the rest of our body is susceptible to aging. They weaken against the abusive environmental factors of free radicals which encourage cellular level death and can induce stress induced diseases like cancer and heart disease. Withanolides are also called free radical scaengers, they  neutralize these free radicals,  and hence  preserve and regenerate cells, promoting anti-ageing and longevity. 

Withanolides, also foster sexual health, hormonal balances, invigorated virility and stamina respectfully in both men and women equally 

Withaferin A is a type of Withanolide, Loaded with steroidal lactones, acts as a neuroprotective, antitumor, analgesic, adrenal purifier and anti-inflammatory. It is useful for aiding the bodies ability to defend against different types of diseases like Arthritis, Parkinson, paralysis, dementia, and depression.

Alterlife ethically sources its highest grade Ashwagandha from Nagori,  from Farm to our tin jars, there is no chemical used in products, processing or extraction.

Published by Alter Life: 

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