How can we really alter our lives? Live a happier, fulfilling and stress free life

Altering life is not an overnight fluke. It is a constant journey, driven by discipline, will and an aspiration to thrive and be your best self.

Corporate profit seeking overrides human true value seeking, it is a calamity of contemporary times. We are populations off balance, absorbing anxieties, burdened with stresses, corroding the very environmental system we inhabit and still hoping to be productive and raise the next generation. We’re setting ourselves up for a torturous slow failure, it's clear we need to change paths and alter our lives.

Our personal motive should be  to consciously and carefully build immunity, cultivate vitality[energy] and combat stress, these goals align with our professional purpose and what we try to improve everyday. 



Altering life through nature

There are five elements that [make up all of] reality.  They are the matter and the force that in constant interplay brought life into being and continues to sustain it. Ether, water, earth, air and fire which all find flesh through life forms. But only plants can compound the rays of the sun into terrestrial ingredients and form substance. It is alchemy, plant/bio science and natures logic yields adaptogens, nutraceuticals, and non prescription nootropics. Like plants what we place into our bodies we compound and release into our blood, feed our organs and self.


Self care is a generous act, we believe the best thing you can do for the world starts with yourself. The stronger you are, the more resilient we are together, the more impact and change we can make in the world as a whole. The new conscious normal doesn’t make itself. Self care is communal care. Want to alter the lives of those you care about? Begin with you, lead the way


In tune with the seasons, like the constant gardener we are always in cultivation. Change is constant and we must support that. As humans we must always improve our immunity, energy and vitality. In the journey to health and wellness, consistent rituals make the most long lasting change for is holistic, gentle and built over time. Your daily activities, weather its, work, studies, or spending time with friends and family,  must be supported by rituals like adequate exercise, say 15-20 minutes. Hydration, drinking adequate amount of water has numerous benefits from keeping your body cool to making your skin look soft supple and reduce signs of ageing.

Sleep, it is shocking how in the new normal, and the race to succeed at work people often compromise on and underestimate the power of sleep. Sleep is the most important activity of daily life, it is when your body’s batteries are literally recharging. 

Muscle growth, skin healing, internal healing of disease, all happens best while we are asleep. A constant lack of sleep leads to a sleep deficit which is the starting point of all disease.

Hence a holistic approach of diet, care for self and community and following daily rituals can help Alter Life.

Tell us about your own ways of altering lives, or email us if you want to find our more through are experts to help you alter your life.