AlterLife advocates for the natural life altering properties of plants, the way nature intended. We saw an opportunity to ensure a better future for consumers as a whole and us. We focus on producing, sun-grown and dried product, extraction without chemicals, packed in sustainable reusable, recyclable Jars. Our aim is to be a 100% nature positive brand. We promote a return to ancient principles lit by contemporary science, a balance between simplicity and efficacy. So improving and altering the future and your life, begins with YOU.

In this world where everything we eat, or drink is treated or injected with some form of chemicals, preservatives, fillers, the idea was to offer/to bring some relief through herbs that help in countering the effects. To relieve your body of the supply of synthetics, instead, fill and restore it through a return to natural inputs
and let it heal on its own.

With the strength of nature’s most potent herbs of the highest quality that are often exported, the power of our products is unmatched.


AlterLife inspires a shift in perspective. To bring you a view that is closer to nature and away from hardships. To bring you closer to a ritualistic life-style that is fulfilling and rewarding.

We promote rituals for self-care for it is the only way we know we can give back to our community.


In tune with the seasons, like the constant gardener, we are always in cultivation. As humans we must always improve our immunity, energy and vitality. For us, the process is the outcome and we believe in the everlasting quality of humans to grow, transform and improve.

Our philosophy of improvement begins with prevention, building up the bodies natural ability to defend, heal and regenerate. When you follow AlterLife rituals you’ll begin to notice some life altering stuff.


Our packaging makes efforts to be reusable and recyclable, from the air tight zip-loc to the recycled tin, to using 100% biodegradable paper for labels, each element has been carefully selected to maintain product freshness and ensure packaging helps remind and keep habits, and is future ready. We’re India’s first wellness brand to be 99% plastic free.

The concept of clean products also extends to the packaging, with no loud visuals, demeaning claims, that focus on a customer’s issues in place of building strength. Our products are created for our customers to comfortably place it on their bedside table or work desk and not to be hidden in closets.


Self care is a selfless act, we believe the best thing you can do for the world starts with yourself. The stronger you are, the stronger we are together.Sometimes our own immunity which we born with, fails us, genetics? Family habits? We get sick and there is no explanation.

The world needs energy and vitality now. Self care is communal care. Want to alter the lives of those you care about?
Begin with you, lead the way, we’ll give you to the tools too.


As humans we are made of natural elements. To AlterLife we must alter the elements within us naturally. It is not just about being as close to natural, but being completely unadulterated, organic, vegetarian, completely traceable and from the best sustainable sources. Our brand integrity begins with the ingredients all of which are bioactive (easily absorbed in the gut) and bioavailable (easily assimilated) No after effects, no dependencies, no synthetic chemicals.

Most supplements today add a small percentage of herbs and would call the product natural, fill the product with emulsifiers, additives, gelatins and fizzing agents. All products at AlterLife are 100 percent plant herbs/minerals and no chemical agents.


Our mission is to change the way people think about ingredients and products they put in and on their bodies.

We want to create a safer, purer, more sustainable, more ethical wellness industry. We weren’t made to take chemicals? So why do we take them to make us better? That is why it might seem obvious, but we find the urgency to say it. We actually care.


We have to alter the input to alter the output. There is really no other way. We put our entire focus on a holistic transformation pushed by little changes in your daily life. There are no quick fixes.

Every process we use is an outcome of constant evolution and that is our biggest achievement.

As we bring each individual closer to achieving their dreams, we aspire to create a community truly based on strength, perseverance, and self-discovery.