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Regular exercise, reduced intake of caffeine after noon, not sleeping late and keeping 8-9 hours for sleep combined with our herbs will help you realise your potential for a calm stress free mind.

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A powerful adaptogen, Harmony restores equilibrium in the limbic system and rejuvenates it for enhanced mental productivity with a backed by a boosted level of immunity.


All of ALTERLIFE products are organic, vegetarian, vegan, bioactive (easily absorbed in the gut), and bioavailable (easily assimilated).


Nagore Ashwagandha

A powerful adaptogenic, antioxidant, and nootropic. Contains Withaferin A with anti-cancer properties. Brain tonic. Neuroprotective.
Sourced exclusively from Nagori at the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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An immunity booster. It is also known as Amrita, or the root of immortality.
Sourced from Assam.

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A nootropic herb that boosts mental health including memory building capacity and the overall intellect.
Sourced from Himachal Pradesh

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A natural anxiolytic, tranquilizer, anti-depressant, neurodegenerative, antiamnesic, antioxidant, antifungal, analgesic, and immunomodulatory.
Sourced from Uttar Pradesh.


Helps with DNA synthesis, improved immune function and also helps reverse age related degeneration of cells It also helps heal wounds faster by boosting recovery response.

Zinc: Essential for the body's immune system, helps in cell growth and wound healing.

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The importance of Deep Sleep

With the increased hustle culture of modern life and hyper-obsession with productivity, sleep has truly become a luxury beyond means.

It’s very common for people to suffer from insomnia or a disturbed sleep cycle. Many people miss out on having a deep sleep that is the most essential stage for a healthy sleep cycle. This is the dreamless stage where the mind is absolutely shut off from the world and this is what helps your mind and body to rest completely.

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Alter your Life. Let your mind flourish.

In the new normal, one cannot ignore mental health. The constant effort to learn, grow, be successful at work and home can get to us. Leading to Stress and restless sleep- major causes of diseases related to heart and brain in both men and women. With the blend of Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi boosted by Zinc, you can find your best self again.