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Balanced diet, discipline with sleep and exercise is all you need to alter your life. Radiate is made of 100% plant-based herbs and minerals. As your body gets detoxified and nourished from the inside, it automatically shows up in your skin, hair, health, and your overall persona.


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Yellow Shatavari

Known as phytoestrogen- a great hormone regulator for women. Builds immunity. Prevents aging and improves mental function, vigor, and vitality.
Harvested in Nepal with great care.

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Nagore Ashwagandha

Neuroprotective, Anti-inflammatory, Antiulcer, Antioxidant, Antidiarrheal, Antidiabetic, Antitumor, Analgesic, Adrenal purifier. Contains Withaferin A to fight cancer cells,
Harvested in Nagori, Rajasthan.

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Lodhra bark

Improves natural cycles and helps reproductives problems in women. Purifies blood and clears skin.
Sourced from Madhya Pradesh.

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Suranjan fruit

Reduces pain and inflammation caused due to different reasons in the body.
Sourced from Jammu and Kashmir.

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Antioxidant to prevent free radical damage in the body. Reduces skin infections, back problems, and menopausal symptoms.
Sourced from Madhya Pradesh.

With zero chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, sulphates, fillers, parabens, gluten, sugars, soy nuts and cruelty.

Know more

Have you been struggling with PCOS?

It can have different symptoms for every woman and grows into several interlinking concerns, including fertility, weight gain, and acne to name a few. Women with PCOS often have increased levels of inflammation in their body. Being overweight can also contribute to inflammation. Studies have linked excess inflammation to higher androgen levels leading to PCOS. Radiate contains Shatavari, Ashwagandha and Magnesium. They reduce inflammation in the body not only to help PCOS but to also assist in recovery post exercise(which can cause inflammation) and overall fitness to keep you away from disease.

PCOS is the most common hormonal problem experienced by women, caused due to multiple factors but is often ignored by mainstream science. Unlike popular opinion, it is very treatable with a healthy lifestyle with access to essential vitamins and physical exercise.

Breaking myths about Menopause

They say that menopause is the end of sexual life, hot flashes, night sweat are bound to occur for years, and hormonal therapy might be the only treatment. This is not true.

Menopause can be a healthy experience for women who embrace a lifestyle of rituals including mindfulness, healthy plant-based eating, and ample amounts of physical exercise.

Alter your life and embrace the transformation of your body. Radiate and glow at any age and stage of your cycles.

Embrace the AlterLife ritual to find a moment to reconnect with yourself.