Unfold a Transformation. Unfurl your True Self.

With modern-life challenges, finding the balance between work and personal life is tough. High endurance and stamina are what can help you overcome these challenges. Not only physical prowess, but mental calmness is equally important. Alter your life with the power of Transform.

No after-effects, no dependencies, and require nothing invasive except the belief in your mind that you need to keep up the regime.


All of ALTERLIFE products are organic, vegetarian, vegan, bioactive (easily absorbed in the gut), and bioavailable (easily assimilated).

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Nagore Ashwagandha

Combats inflammation and lethargy in the bones and muscles through withanolides. Powerful adaptation. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-bacterial. Fights free radicals. Fortifies your immunity.
Sourced from Nagori, the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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Himalayan Marsh Orchid

Known as the Salam Panja. Nerve tonic that balances the hormones. Treats multiple reproductive problems in men. The orchid has been grown at over 10000 feet above sea level in the mountains. A wild flower that grows best in the pristine environment of the Himalayas.

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Contains active phytochemicals to boost testosterone. Improves kidney and prostate health. Also effective against urinary disorders.

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Shwetha musli

Vitality tonic. Increases blood flow which improves development of muscles and improve skin clarity.. Helps in obesity by not allowing fat deposition.
Sourced from Nepal.

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For physical strength and enhanced virility, work as a great combination with Nagori Ashwagandha.
Sourced from Nepal.

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Iranian Akarkara

Antimicrobial pain reliever. Boosts potency in men. Sourced from Iran.


Helps improves strength, formation of protein through amino acids, muscle movements and bone health.

No after-effects, no dependencies, and require nothing invasive except the belief in your mind that you
need to keep up the regime.

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Gain fitness, strength and performance

A clean plant-based diet with the essential nutrients along with your regular workout. That’s all that you need to evolve your fitness regime and increase performance. Transform houses all these essential minerals and nutrients. With the purest of ingredients and peer-reviewed research, you don’t have to worry about side effects at all.

Enhance virility naturally

Men often turn to synthetics to enhance virility that often comes with side effects.These problems are due to lack of nutrients in the diet and external stressors in the environment. Evolving a holistic lifestyle can bring a transformative change in performance and virility.

All transformations don’t need to happen under pressure!
Transform with easy, natural rituals by AlterLife.